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Wellomics EPS System

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Wellomics EPS System

Global Foundation for Human Aging Research Contributes $50,000 to Support the Wellomics™ Bioinformatics Effect Positioning System for Formulating Effective Natural Products

MONTCLAIR, N.J., July XX, 2017 – The Global Foundation for Human Aging Research ( announces a donation of $50,000 to Wellomics, the creator of a big data bioinformatics system known as the Effect Positioning System (EPS); this artificial intelligence innovation will revolutionize the natural products industry by bridging the gap between unsubstantiated product claims and evidence-based formulations to extend healthspan. Dr. Vincent Giampapa, founder of the Global Foundation for Human Aging Research, hopes that EPS will become the “Watson” version of both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical AI software to improve formulation and efficacy of products designed to extend healthspan.

“Wellomics is on the forefront of natural products market innovation,” says Dr. Giampapa. “The company’s future-ready solutions for this challenging, competitive market are well-aligned with our own mission. EPS looks to be a real game-changer for natural product makers who want to leverage every possible advantage, allowing them to create research and evidence-based formulas that have the potential of improving quality of life for millions. We hope this replaces the current state of natural product formulation, which is often performed by science and marketing teams that struggle with information overload resulting in formulations that do not leverage the full scope of research publications that span numerous scientific disciplines.  Therefore, we’re pleased to help Wellomics refine its intellectual property and empower natural product companies that desire this type of strategic approach to product development.”

The Effect Positioning System from Wellomics was originally designed for drug discovery and polypharmacy adverse event analyses. The system incorporates information flow analysis that includes all known pharmaceutical products, cellular signaling pathways, adverse event reports, omics analyses and other relevant databases. During its prototype phase, drug discovery proof of concept studies related to EPS technology were published in several highly-regarded journals.

Since early this year, Wellomics has been continually refining the algorithms, ontologies and data mining tools that underpin EPS. The result is a unique platform that is already delivering significant insights in the development of novel natural health products that leverage the full power of nature to support health and longevity.

The systems pharmacology approach analyzes millions of research publications for biochemical interactions on over 290,000 natural products and pharmaceuticals which collectively makes up the biochemosphere. Today, EPS database ontologies includes approximately 64 million entries.

For its part, the Global Foundation for Human Aging Research envisions the natural health products industry as an emerging leader in the fight against age-related health issues to extend healthspan.  Wellomics’ EPS technology is poised to usher in a new era of these products by giving manufacturers the tools and knowledge to create better, safer, smarter products, and to empirically demonstrate their positive effects.

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