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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


MONTCLAIR, N.J., December 29, 2017 – The Global Foundation for Human Aging Research ( announces a donation of $75,000 to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,  the cancer treatment and research center designated by the National Cancer Institute in Boston, MA, and affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, founder of the Global Foundation for Human Aging Research, believes specific nutraceuticals and drugs, as well as DNA segments, can be used to alter the gene activity of both somatic cells and stem cells to make them function more optimally during the aging process. He believes this is critical to extend healthspan and delay the onset of diseases of aging, including cancer. His goal with this donation is to explore that hypothesis.

Dr. Giampapa’s colleague, who shares the same vision and enthusiasm for this research, is Wayne Marasco, MD, PHD, Professor of Cancer Immunology and Virology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University. Dr. Marasco will be directing the planned research.

After meeting with Dr. Marasco, Dr. Giampapa agreed to have the foundation fund research specifically focused on using a unique strain of humanized mice to document the changes in the epigenome in minute detail, so as to be able to evaluate the efficiency of different drugs as well as DNA segments to alter the gene activity of cells to function more optimally during the aging process. The first drug to be tested will be Metformin, which has already shown signs of being a likely candidate for an anti-aging drug therapy in the near future.

“We already know that specific natural compounds and pharmaceuticals can have an impact on cellular aging and function, but the missing information is how they work at the epigenetic level.” says Dr. Giampapa.

For its part, the Global Foundation for Human Aging Research envisions the development of novel compounds that are focused on decreasing inflammation, repairing DNA damage, and restoring ideal gene expression at the cellular level.  “One mission of the Global Foundation is to fund research that will lead to the identification of compounds that can be used to treat large numbers of aging individuals on a global basis. This can impact the costs of healthcare in a significant way. Prevention and proactivity toward health is what is needed now and in the future.” Says Dr. Giampapa.

About the Global Foundation for Human Aging Research

The Global Foundation for Human Aging Research is a nonprofit organization working to support the front lines of medical research and development related to the biology of human aging which can be potentially available for clinical us in the next few years. The foundation’s focus is improving healthspan for the aging populations worldwide. It contributes funds to other non-profit institutions, universities, and companies that are working in line with its mission. It was founded by renowned anti-aging medicine pioneer Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., F.A.C.S.


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