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Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School

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Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Vincent Giampapa’s Global Foundation for Human Aging Research has donated $50,000 to the Harvard Medical School geneticist and aging researcher David Sinclair to support his work toward unraveling the mysteries of aging.

“The mission of the Sinclair Lab is exactly in line with the mission of our foundation,” says Dr. Vincent Giampapa, founder of the Global Foundation for Human Aging Research, “and that’s why we’ve donated $50,000 to its ongoing efforts.”

Scientists at the Sinclair Lab study the processes that fuel aging and age-related diseases and work toward discovering methods for slowing down or reversing these processes. The work ranges from dissecting novel pathways and identifying target genes, to assessing small molecules that may slow the pace of aging and increase health span.

Earlier this year, Dr. Giampapa met Sinclair and was intrigued by Sinclair’s work with NMN — a molecule that appears to protect against DNA degradation and slow down aging in mice. Human trials are expected to begin later this year, according to the Harvard Gazette.

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