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The FOUNDATION FOR GLOBAL HUMAN AGING – whose purpose is to fund research that can address the problem of the world growing aging population, has funded 63k $ to DAVINCI BIOSCIENCES LLC. in Yorba Linda CALIF. towards research designed to help restore the function of Old Adult Stem Cells. The research will be directed by Rafael Gonzalez PHD.

Both Dr Giampapa and Dr Gonzalez feel ” This may be the solution in the near future to maintaining youthful function in our Stem Cells as we age. Normally our Stem Cells decline in function due to damage in our DNA as well as the effects of Senesecent Cells and their products on healthy Stem cells. Aging is the most common cause of all diseases as we grow older, including Cancer.”

“Being able to restore Stem Cell function to our aging Adult Stem Cells may allow us to decrease age related diseases in general. This may be a major help in maintaining healthspan in the global aging population .. ” This approach is essential if we are to cut health care costs in most countries over the next decade as well as increase Healthspan, during the last few decades of Life. This research is about increasing the time and quality of health we may experience in order to enjoy life instead of just living longer. ” says Dr Giampapa.

By collecting and then restoring Old Stem Cells for reinfusion into the same aging individuals ,we can potentially have the body begin to form its own new restored Stem Cells in order to improve immune function and general organ regeneration that was similar to when we were young and at our optimal youthful and healthy state.

The research led by Dr Rafael Gonzalez at Da Vinci Biosciences is testing a number of avenues for potential cellular restoration technologies. This includes using young plasma as well as using the products that are produced from Umbilical Cord Stem Cells. In the future, integrating this novel technique with a BIO REACTOR, Dr Gonzalez feels this can be scalable for multiple applications and be accomplished in an efficient fashion.

“We feel this is pivotal research ” says Dr Giampapa ” We have two major challenges to overcome for the successful use of Clinical Stem Cell Therapy for Aging disorders ” These include replacing the number of declining Stem Cells, and restoring the function of Aging Stem Cells, In 2015 Dr Giampapa presented at the VATICAN SYMPOSIUM ON STEM CELL SCIENCE, as well as the SWEDISH AMERICAN LIFE SCIENCE SUMMIT , that his research concepts were able to restore Old Human Stem Cells to function similar to young Stem Cells. This new research is focused on what may be more efficient ways of accomplishing the Reversal of the cellular aging process in Old Stem Cells. These may then be used for a number of regenerative purposes in the future for each individual.

The FOUNDATION FOR GLOBAL HUMAN AGING RESEARCH is a non profit 501c3. For further information for donations and about it’s purpose and the research it has funded to date please go to

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